Nova Football Club
For Love of the Game


For Love of the Game


N.F.C. was founded in 2017, based on pure love of the game. The idea was to bring adults of all ages and skill levels together to play America's most popular game, while maintaining a sense of team and comradery. N.F.C.'s founder, Ryan Gilmore wanted to bring the experience of European sports to America. As a rugby player, Ryan Gilmore saw what the club atmosphere created in the individual. It was thought this kind of experience could be recreated in the game we love in America. Flag football league play does not create the same kind of experience as club play.

N.F.C. is committed to bringing club play to America. N.F.C.'s mission to provide a club style atmosphere and bring back those days of playing park football in your back yard. N.F.C. offers a unique environment in that you do not have to commit to a lengthy season or full practices. You can come play at any time.


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Founder-Club director

Ryan Gilmore

As a former football coach, Ryan Gilmore has a great deal of experience in the sport of football. He has coached both at the high school and youth levels. He is also a former private football coach, helping mentor youth athletes to high school athletes.

Main Contributor to Nova Football Club Blog

Ray Vann

Ray Vann is a sports and entertainment journalist who has interviewed the likes of UFC superstar Mark Hunt and Syfy's FaceOff winner Cig Neutron in the past, as well as numerous other athletes and personalities. He has a Master's Degree from Brooklyn College, and is currently writing a book on the history of New York City.